Northumbrian Smallpipes Tutor

John Liestman's Tutor is now available as a PDF download - in return for a donation of at least 12 GBP to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)

Please contact us if you require more information, or for download instructions if you have already made your donation to the charity.

Terms and Conditions

As well established makers of bellows blown bagpipes, we take pride in providing a high level personal service to our customers. This standard of care and attention is maintained well after the instruments have left our workshop.

In addition to our individually crafted smallpipes and border pipes, we sell a limited range of accessories, including reeds. Our chanter reeds are not suitable for mouth blown pipes. We keep only a limited supply in stock, and cannot guarantee their working well in any but our own make of pipes. We have however found them to be perfectly satisfactory for several other makers instruments. Please ask for more information.


We will try to answer any questions you may have about our instruments, or about bellows blown pipes in general, and their playing and maintenance. Advice is free and without obligation.

We can be contacted by telephone, letter or email, and welcome visitors to our workshop by appointment.

Address: Fairhaven, Southwaite, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA4 0EP, England
Telephone: +44 (0)16974 73799
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prices and Tax

Although our website is kept as up to date as possible, we retain the right to alter advertised prices and specifications without prior notice. Leaflets, details and price lists in circulation elsewhere may be out of date. We recommend that you always contact us to obtain the latest information.

Prices do not include delivery or a case. There is no VAT (tax) to add.


We make to individual order, and generally do not have sets in stock for immediate delivery. Information about a variety of styles and specifications is to be found on our website, or we can supply details on request.
We will be pleased to supply verbal or written quotations for all our usual options and specifications, or individual quotations based on your own requirements.
Quoted prices are agreed and fixed if an order is placed within one month, unless the specification is changed in which case a revised price will be agreed and confirmed.
After one month, a quotation will be subject to any price changes which may have occurred in the meantime.
Any quoted delivery charges are based prices current at the time of enquiry, and may be revised.
Order completion dates are estimated and may be subject to revision.


Orders can be placed by telephone, letter, email or in person. A deposit is not required unless the specification or circumstances are unusually complex. A percentage of this is normally refundable in the event of a cancellation, though at our discretion if work on the instrument has already started.

A price is agreed and fixed at time of order, unless an amended or alternative specification is requested, in which case a revised price is agreed and confirmed.
Waiting times may be several months, dependent on our existing order list and the complexity of the order, the exception being our plain style 3 drone Scottish Smallpipes which we aim to supply in 6 weeks or less.


Customers will be contacted when orders are nearing completion to finalise payment and delivery options.

Payment in full, or the balance if a deposit or part payment has been made, is due on completion of an order, before delivery. Where applicable, a charge for post and packing will be included. A receipt will be supplied.

There are various ways to pay. Electronic Funds Transfer to our bank account (in pounds sterling) is preferred, and details are available on request. Your bank may charge a fee for this. There will be a charge for overseas transactions. We accept cheques, and international money orders in pounds sterling (drawn on a UK bank), and reserve the right to delay delivery until funds have cleared. Please do not send cash by post.

For small purchases, we accept payment online (via PayPal) using most major credit cards. You do not need a PayPal account for this. Larger payments by this method are subject to negotiation and will incur a surcharge.

Please note that we do not accept card payments by telephone, post, email or as 'card present' transactions.


Once payment has been received and accepted, delivery arrangements will be made, and we will advise on date of sending and anticipated delivery time. Please note that this can only be an estimate, particularly for overseas orders.

Orders can also be collected in person if convenient.

Due to certain size and weight restrictions for shipping parcels overseas, we may send sets in several packages to keep costs down. The customer will be advised of this in advance. We also recommend that overseas customers purchase cases locally where possible to keep parcel weights to a minimum.

Refunds and guarantees

Our instruments are packaged with great care and attention. An insured delivery service is used wherever possible. Should any unwarranted delay occur, or any damage or loss become evident, please inform us as soon as possible.

We will endeavour to replace as soon as possible any instrument or component which proves to be damaged or faulty on receipt. We also offer the free repair or replacement any instrument or component which proves to be damaged or faulty within 12 months of delivery, unless caused by accident or wilful intent after receipt by the purchaser. If the repair or replacement proves unsatisfactory beyond all reasonable expectations, we will offer a full refund.

After this time, repairs or replacements for faults not obviously due to wilful damage, accident or normal wear and tear, will be undertaken and charged for at our discretion. We also offer a long term aftercare, overhaul and repair service, for which a charge will apply.


Customer contact details are retained for administrative purposes only. We undertake not to disclose, sell, rent or trade personal information to any third party for marketing or for any purpose other than delivery.

Richard & Anita Evans

Makers of Northumbrian and Scottish Smallpipes